Tape Specialities

Case Study 3

High tack splicing tape for heavy duty sheet flooring

The Challenge:
High traffic vinyl flooring is manufactured by building up several layers of lamination, with the final layer being the “wear” coat. Once applied, the sheet material needs to be spliced and then permanently joined together. The reel to reel method of producing this material requires the use of a very robust joint across a 4 metre web, this procedure can only be undertaken with the use of a high performance splicing tape. What made this application more challenging were the extreme weight and tensions of the sheeting involved and the fact that the tape had to operate at temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius in a high moisture area.

The Solution:
Our first task was to find a carrier strong enough to withstand the high shear specification. Utilising our experience gained in solving many other industrial splicing applications we decided upon a high strength flat back Kraft carrier which we then coated with a high temperature solvent based acrylic adhesive. It was crucial that we offered a high tack/high sheer product to give that ever so important initial contact grab. We had also noted that only certain adhesives would work for this application due to the longer term effects of plasticizer migration on the component parts. This has proved a long term success throughout the vinyl flooring industry.

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