Tape Specialities

Case Study 1

Medical Bio Sensor Heat Activated Lidding Tape.

The Challenge:
Our client could not find an effective way of lidding their medical test strip. Conventional pressure sensitive adhesives wouldn't provide them with enough initial tack and residual bond and the use of a heat activated system was deemed impractical due to the effect the high temperature would have on the reagent.

The Solution:
Due to the inherent restraints of the existing lamination process it was impossible to work with a pressure sensitive option, therefore Tape Specialities looked to create a heat activated adhesive system that would provide an effective bond at temperatures that suited the all important reagent medium. By identifying the type of polymer backbone we would need for this system our team of chemists and technologists were able to produce a bespoke chemistry that enabled us to provide a tight temperature tolerance and the required high speed curing at the lamination stage. The product went onto sell in it’s billions across the world.

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