Tape Specialities

Case Study 2

Medical Bio Sensor Screen printable P.S.A.

The Challenge:
Tape Specialities develop and manufacture a portfolio of pressure sensitive adhesives that are printed via various methods onto a wide range of substrates. A manufacturer approached us with a specific screen printing application that required a hydrophilic adhesive that could be manufactured to a precise viscosity and offer temperature stability.

The Solution:
Working closely with a long established supply chain Tape Specialities were able to develop a water based adhesive that fulfilled the initial criteria set out by the customer. As is the case with many emerging medical technologies it became apparent that there were many other performance related issues that the P.S.A needed to overcome. The adhesive needed to be biologically inert and also create the structural foundation for the device. Again, using the extensive knowledge base of our development team we managed to fulfil each criteria to enable the product to be successfully launched on a world wide basis.

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